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Words: Lewis Hensley, 1867 Music: St. Cecilia, Kingsland Krist' ki 'joba Re de, Ki ase Re bere; F' opa-rin Re fo Gbogbo...

Friday, 22 May 2015

Gbadura Wa Oluwa

Gb'adura wa Oluwa,
F' awon omo t' O fun wa,
Pin wa ninu 'bukun Re,
Si fun won l' ayo l' orun.

Je k' okan won sunmo O,
Nigba won wa l' omode,
Je ki nwon f' ogo Re han,
L' akoko 'gba ewe won.

Fi eje Olugbala,
We okan won mo toto;
Je k' a tun gbogbo won bi,
Ki nwon si le je Tire.

Anu yi l' a mbebe fun,
K' O si gbo adura wa;
Iwo l' a gb' okan wa le,
Ni anu gb' adura wa. Amin.
Hearken to our prayer O Lord,
For thes children you give us;
Bestow on them Your full blessing,
Heavenly joy impart to them.

Let their hearts to Thee draw nigh,
As they’re tender in age;
Let Your glory in them shine,
In their days of infancy.

With the precious Blood of Christ,
Sanctify their soul spot-clean;
Grant them to be born anew,
That they may be wholly Thine.

This mercy we crave O Lord,
Hearken to our petition;
In Thee we repose confidence,
Graciously answer prayer.

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