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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Olorun mi boju wo mi

H.F. Hemy
Olorun mi bojuwo mi
F' iyanu 'fe nla Re han mi;
Ma je ki n gbero fun 'ra mi,
Tori 'Wo ni n gbero fun mi;

Baba mi to mi l'aiye yi
Je k' igbala Re to fun mi.

Ma je ki mbu le O lowo,
'Tori 'Wo li onipin mi,
S' eyi t' Iwo ti pinnu re,
Iba je' ponju tab'

Oluwa tal' o r' idi Re,
Iwo Olorun Ologo?
Iwo l' egbegberun ona
Nibiti nko ni 'kansoso.

B' orun ti ga ju aiye lo,
Bel' ero Re ga ju t' emi,
Ma dari mi k' emi le lo
S' ipa ona ododo Re

Source: Yoruba Baptist Hymnal #257
My God beholdeth me Thy child
Show thy wonderful love to me;
Leave me not alone to my way,
For thou art my sole counsellor.

Lead me through this world, my father!
Let enough thy salvation be.

Let me seek thy counsel for all,
For thou shall be my only share:
Do all that thou hast planned for
From thy great and sure profound will.
Lord, thy existence to the world
Can never be comprehended;
Thou art millenial in thy ways,
Where i do not have any one.

As high as heaven is to earth,
So thy thought is higher than mine:
Lead me just to go exactly,
In the way of thy righteousness.


  1. i am blessed daily with this..... thanks

  2. One of my favourite hymn. Thanks.