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Words: Lewis Hensley, 1867 Music: St. Cecilia, Kingsland Krist' ki 'joba Re de, Ki ase Re bere; F' opa-rin Re fo Gbogbo...

Monday, 18 April 2016


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A baptis' wa sinu iku,
Nipa itebo 'mi;
A sin wa 'nu 'boji Jesu,
A sin wa pelu Re.

A ba Krist' ku k' a ba ye se,
K' a le ji pelu Re,
K' a le jere ebun titun
T' y'o mu wa ye f' oke.

Emi, fi ara Re fun wa;
K' oro wa ko le je
Ireti Oluwa l' oke,
At' ifarahan Krist'.

Fun igbagbo wa li ogo,
Ayo ati ade,
Lat' aiye k' a le wa l' oke
K' a joko pelu Krist'.

Source: Yoruba Baptist Hymnal #377
We are baptised unto His death,
By water baptism;
And we go down into the grave,
Buried with Christ Jesus.

Buried with Christ to sin no more,
That we may rise in Him,
That we may partake of new grace
That fits us for the skies.

O Holy Ghost, come unto us,
That all our words may be
The hope of His soon appearing,
And Christ's revelation.

Lord, let our faith be glorified
Our joy and crow fulfil;
To live a life of heav'n on earth,
On high to reign with thee.

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