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Friday, 2 September 2016

Wa S'adura Ooro

Author: James Montgomery
Wa s'adura ooro,
Kunle k'a gbadura;
Adura ni opa Kristiani,
Lati b'Olorun rin.

Losan, wole labe,
Apat' ayeraye;
Itura ojiji Re dun,
Nigba t'orun ba mu.

Jẹ ki gbogbo ile,
Wa gbadura l'ale;
Ki ile wa di t'Olorun,
Ati 'bode orun.
Nigbat' od'oganjo,
Je k'a wi l'emi, pe,
Mo sun, sugbon okan mi ji
Lati ba O sona.
Come to the morning prayer,
Come let us kneel and pray;
Prayer is the Christian pilgrim's staff
To walk with God all day.

At noon, beneath the Rock
Of Ages, rest and pray;
Sweet is that shadow from the heat,
When the sun smites by day.

At eve, shut to the door,
Round the home-altar pray,
And finding there "the House of God,"
At "heaven's gate" close the day.

When midnight seals our eyes,
Let each in spirit say,
"I sleep, but my heart waketh, Lord,
With Thee to watch and pray."

Montgomery, James, son of John Montgomery, a Moravian minister, was born at Irvine, Ayrshire, Nov. 4, 1771. In 1776 he removed with his parents to the Moravian Settlement at Gracehill, near Ballymena, county of Antrim. Two years after he was sent to the Fulneck Seminary, Yorkshire. He left Fulneck in 1787, and entered a retail shop at Mirfield, near Wakefield. Soon tiring of that he entered upon a similar situation at Wath, near Rotherham, only to find it quite as unsuitable to his taste as the former. A journey to London, with the hope of finding a publisher for his youthful poems ended in failure; and in 1792 he was glad to leave Wath for Shefield to join Mr. Gales, an auctioneer, bookseller, and printer of the Sheffield Register newspaper, as his assistant. (Read on.)

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