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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Aye Si N Be Nile Od'aguntan

Words: Horatius Bonar (1808-1889), 1872
Music: Cantus (Uzziah C. Burnap, 1895)

Aye si n be nile Od'agutan
Ewa ogo Re n pe O pe ma bo
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi

Ojo lo tan, orun si fere wo,
Okunkun de tan, mole n koja lo
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi

Ile iyawo na kun fun ase!
Wole, wole to Oko 'yawo:
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi.

"Aye si n be!" ilekun si sile,
Ilekun ife: iwo ko pe ju,
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi
Wa gbebun 'fe ayeraye lofe!
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi.

Kiki ayo lo wa nibe, wole!
Awon Angel lo npe o fun ade;
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi.

Lohun rara nipe ife naa ndun!
Wa, ma jafara, wole ase naa.
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi.

O n kun, o n kun! Ile ayo na n kun!
Yara! mase pe, ko kun ju fun o.
Wole, wole, wole nisisiyi.

Kile to su, ilekun na le ti!
'Gbana, o kabamo! "O se! O se!"
O se! O se! Ko saye mo, o se!

"Yet there is room": the Lamb's bright hall of song,
With its fair glory, beckons thee along;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

Day is declining, and the sun is low;
The shadows lengthen, light makes haste to go;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

The bridal hall is filling for the feast;
Pass in, pass in, and be the Bridegroom's guest;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

It fills, it fills, that hall of jubilee!
Make haste, make haste; 'tis not too full for thee;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

Yet there is room: still open stands the gate,
The gate of love; it is not yet too late:
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

O enter in; that banquet is for thee;
That cup of everlasting joy is free;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

All Heaven is there, all joy! Go in, go in;
The angels beckon thee the prize to win:
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

Louder and sweeter sounds the loving call;
Come, lingerer, come; enter that festal hall;
Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now.

Ere night that gate may close, and seal thy doom;
Then the last low, long cry, "No room, no room!"
No room, no room! O woeful cry, "No room!"

Uzziah C. Burnap wrote:

Dr. Bonar wrote this hymn at my request. I had been singing Tennyson’s great poem, “Late, late, so late, and dark the night and chill, ” at our meetings in Great Britain, in 1873-74 [sic], and, on asking permission of the owners of the copyright to use it in my collection of songs, was refused. I then requested Dr. Bonar to write a hymn that should cover much the same ground. “Yet there is room” was the result. It was one of the first hymns for which I wrote music. It always had a very solemnizing effect on the meetings, especially when the last lines were sung: “No room, no room—oh, woeful cry, ‘No room.’”



  1. Hello AY,
    Thank you for these hymns. Please can we have the English translations side by side the Yoruba hymns? We are praying for the revival of nations every Friday. We prayed last week that our Lord Jesus will use the internet world as a tool to reach billions of social media users in this coming revival. We believe and are trusting that Jesus will come once a gain for this generation, our generation will not be lost. God will show us mercy and revive us again before He closes the curtain on the world as we know it. Please carry on the good work and keep blogging. God bless you.

  2. Thank you so much, HeartCry. I receive strength to do more. Amen, I look forward to that revival also. I will try to be posting links for the English interpretation of the hymns. I am grateful to God that this blog is meeting needs.

  3. You are doing something very useful and laudable. God bless you.

  4. How do I explain the feelings I get from looking through the lyrics while listening at the same time? Is it the tears that keep flowing without stop knowing that the Son of man returns sooner than expected like a thief in the night but not ready just as millions of souls out there all over the world....God please help us, please God help us