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Words: Lewis Hensley, 1867 Music: St. Cecilia, Kingsland Krist' ki 'joba Re de, Ki ase Re bere; F' opa-rin Re fo Gbogbo...

Friday, 23 October 2015

Wo Bo Ti Dun To Lati Ri

Wo! b' o ti dun to lati ri
Awon ara t' o re;
Ara ti okan won s' okan,
L' egbe ide mimo.

'Gba isan 'fe t' odo Krist' sun,
O san s' okan gbogbo;
'Lafia Olodumare
Dabo bo gbogbo re.

O dabi ororo didun,
Ni irugbon Aaron';
Kikan re m' aso re run ' re
O san s' agbada re.

O dara b' iri owuro
T' o nse s' oke Sion',
Nibit' Olorun f' ogo han,
T' O m' ore-ofe han.

Behold, how good a thing it is,
and how becoming well,
Together such as brethren are
in unity to dwell!

Like precious ointment on the head,
that down the beard did flow,
Ev’n Aaron’s beard, and to the skirts,
did of his garments go.

As Hermon’s dew, the dew that doth
on Sion’ hills descend:
For there the blessing God commands,
life that shall never end.

Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases, 1650

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