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Words: Lewis Hensley, 1867 Music: St. Cecilia, Kingsland Krist' ki 'joba Re de, Ki ase Re bere; F' opa-rin Re fo Gbogbo...

Monday, 17 April 2017

Emi Anu, Oto, Ife/ Spirit of Mercy, Truth And Love

Author Unknown
Emi anu, oto, ife,
Ran agbara Re t' oke wa;
Mu iyanu ojo oni,
De opin akoko gbogbo.

Ki gbogbo orile-ede,
Ko orin ogo Olorun,
Ki a si ko gbogbo aiye,
N' ise Olurapada wa.

Olutunu at' Amona,
Joba ijo enia Re,
K'araiye mo ibukun Re,
Emi anu, oto, ife.

Source: Baptist Hymnal #156

Spirit of mercy, truth and love,
O shed Thine influence from above,
And still from age to age convey
The wonders of this sacred day.

Be God’s amazing glory sung;
Let all the listening earth be taught
The wonders by our Savior wrought.
Still o’er Thy holy Church preside;

Unfailing Comfort, heavenly 
Guide,In every clime, by every tongue,
Still let mankind Thy blessings prove,
Spirit of mercy, truth and love.

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