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Words: Lewis Hensley, 1867 Music: St. Cecilia, Kingsland Krist' ki 'joba Re de, Ki ase Re bere; F' opa-rin Re fo Gbogbo...

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ko Je Gbagbe Mi

Ore bi Jesu ko si laye yi
Oun nikan l'ore otito
Ore aye yi le ko wa sile
Sugbon Jesu ko je gbagbe wa

Ah! Ko je gbagbe wa/ 2ce
Sugbon Jesu ko je gbagbe wa

Akoko nkoja lo laifotape
A f ojo kan sunmole wa si
Onidajo mbo gongo yio so
Awawi kan kosi l ojo na

Duro d'Oluwa, ma siyemeji
Ohunkohun t' o wu ko le de
Gbat o ro p'o pin ranwo Re y'o de
Eni yanu l oba Oluwa
There is no friend like Jesus in the world
Jesus is the only sincere friend
The friend of this world will one day leave us
But the Lord will never forget us

He'll never forget us/2ce
But the Lord will never forget us

Not caring for foes, the time is passing
Drawing near to our home day by day
The Great Judge will come the earth will tremble
There will be no excuse on the day

Now, wait on the Lord, never doubt again
Whatever now may betide thee
When there's no more hope, then His help will come
Our Lord Jesus is a wonderful King 

Source: Iwe Orin Ihinrere Ti Ijo Aposteli Kristi Ni Ede Yoruba Ati Geesi #890